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China needs a national intelligent syndromic surveillance system

An epidemic can open a window of opportunity for reflection on and a revolution in disease control and prevention. In China, the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic urged the national paper-based disease-reporting system to be transformed into the national notifiable disease reporting system (NNDRS), a system operated by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to facilitate the complete and timely reporting of cases of infectious disease. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is now posing an urgent call for upgrading the NNDRS further.

May 23th,2020

Tutorial of the Website "Awesome of COVID-19"

With the pandemic of COVID-19, I built up a website, "Awesome of COVID-19", which collected the related resources of COVID-19 researches.

May 7th,2020

Towards precision management of cardiovascular patients with COVID-19 to reduce mortality

We suggest, therefore, considering the epidemiological information of patients (e.g., birthplace and residential history) when implementing precision management of CVD patients with COVID-19, to enhance mortality risk reduction.

April 30th,2020

Are we ready for a new era of high-impact and high-frequency epidemics?

We reported our work about COVID-19 during the past four months in the Nature and was titled as "Outpace epidemic transitional phases".

April 14th,2020

"My main advice: work from home"

U-Today interviews my supervisor Peng Jia for seeking some suggestions for COVID-19. It is the note of the interview.

March 13th,2020

Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Research

This paper published in Trends in Parasitology and was added to the Cell Press COVID-19 hub.

Feb 7th,2020



March 10th,2020



Jan 26th,2020

Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology

Map of COVID-19

Map of COVID-19

Modeling analysis of COVID-19

Modeling analysis of COVID-19

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